At DOCOMO Innovations, we aspire to work with the most talented and brightest researchers and support staff available.

Our researchers work in an environment of discovery, technology, and innovation and all of our employees benefit from a supportive, collegial corporate culture. DOCOMO Innovations is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, less than one hour away from metropolitan San Francisco. DOCOMO Innovations is an equal opportunity employer!



Exceptional Benefits for Exceptional people at DOCOMO Innovations, Inc.

DOCOMO Innovations, Inc. employee and family benefits have been designed to promote our employees’ health, wealth, and security. We make sure that our employees can enjoy life and are able to plan for a comfortable future. Our benefit package offers a full range of benefits designed to build a strong relationship with our employees and their families and provide for their needs. Your satisfaction, safety, and trust are important to DOCOMO Innovations, Inc.

Cash Compensation Scheme

The Company operates a cash compensation scheme based on fixed and variable components. The company recognizes the importance of remaining competitive in this area and for that reason the compensation structure is under continuous review in addition to the scheduled review program described below.

  • Annual salaries
    Annual salaries are very competitive and are individually reviewed on an annual basis as part of a formal Performance Management Program (PMP). These salaries are also reviewed annually according to industry standard indices.
  • Bonuses
    Bonuses are calculated and paid based on the individual’s performance against agreed objectives and the company’s overall performance.
  • Presidential bonuses
    Presidential bonuses are paid for outstanding contributions to the company’s performance. These can be to individuals or to a team. There is no limit to how much or how often these bonuses can be paid. These bonuses are paid at the discretion of the company’s senior management and are usually proposed by line managers.

Retirement Planning

401(k) Plan Employees are eligible to join the 401(k) plan after 90 days of employment with DOCOMO Innovations, Inc. Employees may participate in the plan by contributing any percentage of their salary (up to the federal government set total dollar amount limit) into the plan. DOCOMO Innovations, Inc. will make a safe harbor matching contribution equal to 100% of your salary deferrals that do not exceed 2% of your compensation, plus 50% of your salary deferrals that exceed 2% but do not exceed 5% of your compensation.  Contributions are made on a tax-deferred basis.

Employee and Family Benefits

  • PPO, Health Saving Account Medical Insurance
    A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Zero Deductible Plan, and a PPO Health Saving Account (HSA) eligible High Deductible Health Plan are health care choices offered to our employees. The company pays the entire premiums for you and your eligible dependents. The PPO Plan feature in-network and out-of network health care choices. Through co-pays, you minimally share in the cost of office visits and prescription medications. The HSA is an account that can be funded with your tax-exempt dollars, by your employer, or both, to help pay for eligible medical expenses not covered by an insurance plan, including the deductible and coinsurance. HSA works in conjunction with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).
  • Dental Insurance
    DOCOMO’s dental insurance covers the cost of services from participating and non-participating providers. Coverage includes a calendar year deductible of $0 – $50 (per member)/$150 (per family). Preventive care is covered 100%, basic care 80%-90%, and major treatments 50%-60%.
  • Vision Insurance
    DOCOMO’s vision insurance covers the cost of services from participating and non-participating providers. After a small deductible is paid, exams and lenses are covered once every twelve months, frames once every twenty four months when service is by a participating provider. Modest fees are included when service is by a non-participating provider.
  • Health Flexible Spending Account (Medical FSA)
    Your pre-tax contributions to this account can be used to reimburse eligible healthcare expenses. The maximum annual election is: $2,650.00.
  • Limited Health Spending Account (Limited FSA)
    Your pre-tax contributions to this account can be used to reimburse eligible services or treatment for dental care and vision care (excluding premiums). The maximum annual election is: $2,650.00. NOTE: Only Employees who currently maintain or wish to establish a personal Health Savings Account may enroll in the Limited FSA.
  • Dependent Care Assistance Plan (DCAP)
    Your pre-tax contributions to this account can be used to reimburse eligible daycare expenses. The maximum annual election is: $5,000.00 ($2,500 if married, filing separately)
  • Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefit Plan
    The Program is to allow eligible employees to use funds provided through employee salary reduction to fund Eligible Transportation Expenses.
  • Annual Health Examination Support Program
    DOCOMO actively offers an annual reimbursement program for eligible employees and their qualified dependents to encourage annual health examinations. Each covered member is eligible for up to $500 annually to offset health examination costs.
  • Work-Life Balance Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    Employees have unlimited access to consultants by telephone, resources and tools online, and up to three face-to-face visits with counselors for help with your questions, concerns or emotional issues surrounding either your personal or work life.

Holiday and Time Off Benefits

  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
    Eligible employees receive generous paid time off based on their length of service with the company. Employees accrue 19 days per year beginning with their date of hire, rising to 21 days in their second year and 30 days per year after five years of employment. PTO can be used for any reason.
  • Holidays
    Employees receive thirteen annual paid holidays plus a half day for DOCOMO Innovations, Inc.’ anniversary. In addition, regardless of holidays and weekends, New Year’s Holiday which always be four consecutive days, from December 30th to January 2nd.
  • Family Medical Leave
    Up to twelve weeks of unpaid family medical leave is available to eligible employees in order to: care for a newborn child or a newly adopted or newly placed foster care child; care for their child, spouse, or parent who has a serious health condition; or to provide employees time to attend to their own serious health condition that leaves them unable to perform their job.
  • Pregnancy Disability Leave
    Up to four months of unpaid pregnancy disability leave are available to employees who are disabled because of pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition.
  • Civic Duty Time Off (Jury and Witness Duty)
    DOCOMO encourages employees to carry out their civic duty to serve on a jury or perform witness duty when called. Non-exempt employees receive full pay for up to two weeks per year. Exempt employees receive full salary and benefits during any civic duty time off.
  • Funeral or Bereavement Time Off
    Up to three consecutive paid days off are available to employees following the death of a spouse, parent, or child; or 1 paid day off following the death of a sister, brother, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew, grandparents, mother-in-law, or father-in-law in addition to any other paid or unpaid time off available to the employee.

Income Continuation Benefits

  • California State Disability Insurance (SDI)
    DOCOMO employees are covered by SDI which is payable when they cannot do their regular or customary work because of sickness or injury not caused by their job or when they are entitled to Workers’ Compensation at a rate less than their daily benefit amount for Disability Insurance. The first seven days of a claim is considered a waiting period for which no benefits are payable. Benefits begin with the eighth day of disability. California SDI is a state-mandated insurance program financed entirely by a contribution based on a percentage of a worker’s earnings.
  • Short Term Disability Insurance (STD)
    DOCOMO’s STD coverage is a company-paid insurance plan that provides income continuation for employees who are temporarily disabled and unable to work up to 70% of base weekly earnings subject to maximum weekly benefits of $2,308 coordinated, as applicable, with Workers’ Compensation, SDI, Social Security or other available benefits. STD benefits become available on the 8th day following disability due to accident or sickness and are payable for the length of the disability for a maximum of twelve weeks.
  • Long Term Disability Insurance (LTD)
    DOCOMO’s LTD coverage is a company-paid insurance plan that provides income continuation for employees disabled and unable to work. Subject to some limitations, LTD coverage begins on the 91st day of disability and continues for the duration of the disability to age 65. Benefits are 66  2/3% of the employee’s base monthly earnings subject to monthly maximum of $10,000.
  • Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (Life and AD&D)
    DOCOMO employees are covered under a company-paid life and AD&D insurance plan up to two times their annual salary (maximum of $300,000) if death or dismemberment is the result of an accident.

Additional DOCOMO Benefits and Incentives

  • Education Assistance
    Employees are encouraged to further their professional and career development through education. Up to $3,000 tuition reimbursement is offered annually for the completion of work-related educational courses. On-site training programs are also offered designed to improve technical and non-technical skills.
  • Telecommuting
    We operate a comprehensive, company endorsed telecommuting policy based on mutual agreement with your manager, allowing you to work from your home when the need arises and the conditions are right.
  • Gym Membership
    To support employee health and wellness, we offer reimbursement of up to $50 per month for your gym membership fees.
  • Free Breakfasts delivery
    Free breakfasts are provided for every Friday.
  • Free Beverages
    Drinks and other refreshments are stocked and available to employees throughout the day.
  • Holiday Party
    We celebrate the holidays with our employees and their families at our annual holiday party.

Employee Referral Bonus

  • A referral bonus of $5,000 will be paid to a referring employee for each replacement.

Company Sponsorship of H-1B Status Applications & Permanent Resident Status Application

  • DOCOMO recognizes the importance of attracting and retaining highly skilled employees to carry out its mission. In appropriate cases, DOCOMO sponsors employee’s H-1B status. After 3 months of satisfactory employment, DOCOMO will support permanent resident status for applicable employees. All applicable fees and costs for both H-1B Status Applications and Permanent Resident Status Applications will be paid by DOCOMO.


DOCOMO Innovations, Inc. is expanding and is seeking a passionate, visionary Associate, Business Development to facilitate innovation and strategic partnerships while aiming to accelerate the development of new business opportunities in Japan.


  • Identify, investigate and evaluate new revenue-generating business opportunities in Japanese markets.
  • Provide short term (less than 2 years) strategy for technology improvements that are planned by the HQ in Japan.
  • Build partnerships and joint venture opportunities for the firm.
  • Coordinate business processes among affiliated companies.
  • Build and enhance relationships, both internally and externally.
  • Prepare materials, strategize with senior management, and participate in execution of presentations to build a new business eco-system.
  • Coordinate PoC; coordination with startups and clients, implementation management, etc.


  • Master’s degree or equivalent combination of education/experience.
  • Prefer a background in CS and/or AI.
  • Must be self-motivated with the ability to set, monitor, and accomplish goals.
  • Ability to work effectively and efficiently in a team-environment.
  • Willingness to travel periodically.
  • Some background knowledge in Marketing, corporate/business unit strategy, Procurement & Operations, technology, related law, intellectual property, and negotiations.
  • Japanese bilingual is not required but a plus.
  • Experienced in Start-up business is a plus.

Applicants must have the relevant authorization to work in a U.S. company.

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   DOCOMO Innovations Inc. is seeking qualified candidates for a full-time position in the area of wireless research and development, and in particular, in the area of AI for RAN and 6G. Candidates for the position must have a PhD or equivalent experiences and a solid foundation in wireless communications, statistical signal processing, and machine learning. In-depth knowledge of one or more of the following areas is a plus: network optimization, communication systems for mm wave and beyond, large antenna array technologies, and state-of-the-art deep learning techniques and algorithms. In addition, strong coding skills are required in Python and MATLAB.

    Candidates are expected to show initiative in formulating and solving problems, developing algorithms, and conducting simulations in support of concepts. The selected candidate will work as part of a research and development team, pursuing cutting-edge research as well as focused investigations in support of advancements in DOCOMO’s network optimization.

    DOCOMO Innovations Inc. (DII) is an overseas Research and Development (R&D) arm of NTT DOCOMO, Japan’s premier mobile operator. We are located at the heart of Silicon Valley.

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