DOCOMO Innovations specializes in the mobile telecommunications industry. Our dynamic teams work together to foster collaboration between our Japanese headquarters and domestic organizations, create business development opportunities with start-ups, and conduct next generation mobile network infrastructure research.

Business Development Group

We help the best and most innovative startups in the US to enter the Japanese market with a leading technology and distribution partner.

The business development and investment group works with innovative startups to structure a commercial deal with NTT DOCOMO headquarters. To support a commercial deal, we provide strategic investment concurrently or for a future commercial collaboration. Our mission is to help startups enter or accelerate growth in the Japanese market. Our team of professionals will make relevant introductions and help structure the commercial deal, as well as the investment deal, if appropriate.

The AI Agents Group

We build core systems and services for next generation DOCOMO intelligent agents, such as natural-language understanding and knowledge-based systems. These systems use machine learning and possess flexibility and autonomy to support a wide range of user-specific needs and situations. We engage in all phases of systems development, from research to successful deployment.

We explore and develop in cloud environments while continually seeking opportunities to improve operational efficiency. The platforms and technologies we use include:

- AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
- Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning, such as TensorFlow and OpenAI Gym
- Data Science and traditional Machine Learning approaches
- Large-scale data repositories and technologies, such as Hadoop and Spark

Through the Open Innovation approach, we actively pursue business development and partnership opportunities with companies, as well as collaboration with local universities.

We provide technology and product evaluations to the NTT DOCOMO Ventures team in the areas of AI and Cloud Computing.

Product Planning & Strategy Group

The next opportunity for the Japanese market, the next product, the next partner, the next strategy, the next innovation, the next technology… the Product Planning & Strategy Group is always looking for who or what is next.

DOCOMO Innovations’ Product Planning & Strategy Group (PPSG) is driving business focus innovation through smartphone and tablet products for NTT DOCOMO. We have three missions:

- Creation: creating software and products strategy for the Japanese market,

- Operation: operating day-to-day, innovative activities related to mobile products, and

- Innovation: to realize the strategy as products through operation and collaboration with a variety of partners in the U.S.

The group here at DOCOMO Innovations, Inc. in Palo Alto is working closely with NTT DOCOMO HQ in Tokyo, Japan. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in working with us!

Data Analytics Innovation Group

The commoditization of products and the customer demand for individualized experiences will motivate a shift from product innovation to service innovation.

Service innovation must offer customers unique value propositions that differentiate with our competitors. Big data analytics will offer new possibilities for service innovation, and it will also revolutionize DOCOMO’s future. Big data analytics provides powerful methods and tools for analyzing and processing large amounts of data, enabling us to generate valuable insights by compiling and classifying our customers. These insights will support customer-oriented service innovation in a number of ways.

The Data Analytics Innovation Group consists not only of data scientists, but also of various members with expertise ranging from wireless communication to cloud architecture. By working together, we can easily face cross-cutting challenges, share various experiences, and learn from each other. This combination will lead to new service innovations.

Finally, we will continue to work closely with DOCOMO Japan, local universities, and local companies. We will maintain a strong track record of academic publications and participate in international standards, such as 3GPP and IEEE.