DOCOMO Innovations, Inc. is the Silicon Valley-based subsidiary of NTT DOCOMO, Inc. in Japan, a world leader in mobile operations and a growing provider of comprehensive mobile services. On August 1, 2011, DOCOMO Innovations was launched with an expanded mission for Open Innovation as an outgrowth of the last 10 years of cutting-edge technological research conducted at DOCOMO Communications Laboratories USA, Inc.

About Us

DOCOMO Innovations is structured around 4 key teams, whose initiatives run the gamut from mobile applications all the way down to core networking technologies:

DOCOMO Innovations is more than a just an organization for business development and strategic investment. All groups within DOCOMO Innovations work together to realize new applications and services through collaboration with American companies for the next generation of mobile services and beyond. DOCOMO Innovations provides vital innovation to enable the future growth of NTT DOCOMO Inc. in the Japanese and Global Markets.

CEO Message

Innovation is a combination of existing ideas. In Silicon Valley, many start-up companies work to create fresh ideas based on this innovative thinking. After twelve years of conducting only research activities as DOCOMO Communications Laboratories USA, Inc., “DOCOMO Innovations, Inc.” was established in August 2011. It was necessary for us to change the organization, because the IT business market and the style of mobile communications have drastically changed in recent years. In October 2015, DOCOMO Capital was merged with DOCOMO Innovations, and we became a direct subsidiary company of NTT DOCOMO. We, as the new DOCOMO Innovations, will take big advantage of our Silicon Valley location. We have four concurrent organizational functions, including Business Development, Big Data Analytics, AI Agents, and Product Planning & Strategy. Groups performing each function are able to fully communicate and exchange information, leading to synergy. Our mission is to take advantage of communicating and collaborating with business partners and engineers in other research laboratories in order to find triggers for globally development of innovative products and services. It is also important to search the area thoroughly for possible business opportunities and to react quickly to opportunities found. With all the functions of our company at our disposal, we strongly believe that we can create something innovative and contribute to the world’s dramatic moments in mobile technology and business growth. We have beautiful scenery and weather here in California, the food is nice, and there are a wide variety of cultures here. Good conditions for start-up businesses. Silicon Valley is so vibrant! Antiquated products and services regularly fade away, and new ideas are produced by working with talented people from all over the world. If you have a chance to travel to the San Francisco Bay Area, please stop by our offices. Takashi Suzuki President & CEO, DOCOMO Innovations, Inc